Online Personal Training with bespoke exercise plans, nutritional coaching & 1-1 support


Bespoke exercise plans for 12, 16 or 24 weeks. Each exercise plan is completely tailored to you, taking into account your exercise experience, how many days you can train & your health and fitness goals. Every workout is planned and tracked to remove all the guesswork, down to the weight used, number of sets, reps and rest periods


A full nutritional audit and follow up consultation to make sure I understand your current diet and your relationship with food. Based on this I create a prioritised list of proven nutritional habits that start where you are now and help you make better food choices over time. I work together with you, coaching you to implement these nutritional habits one by one so that you can continue with them longer after we are finished working together. 


Knowing what to do is just the beginning, but to change habits and get the best possible results you need ongoing guidance and accountability. To ensure this I help you track your progress every week on a number of important metrics. Accountability is provided via a weekly email check in and a 4-weekly Skype call to discuss what’s going well and where you need additional help from me. You also receive a training guide, video links for each exercise, nutrition emails, and have ongoing access to me via WhatsApp and email.

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