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“I’ve trained under several personal trainers in the last five years, all with good results. But nothing that has matched that of Step 1. I was particularly impressed with Stephen's knowledge. He was able to explain why I should and shouldn’t do certain things, the importance of what I was doing, and the long-term plan. I had results with my previous PTs, but this was something else entirely.

His attention to detail and his interaction is second to none. His online sheets are fantastic. I have never experienced this before. Furthermore, I received a weekly update every single Sunday without fail. This type of engagement is absolutely brilliant and actually gave me motivation knowing I had a PT that actually gave a shit and was results driven, rather than just taking my money. 

Darren, 30’s, UK (Goal: Build Muscle) 

“I highly recommend working with Stephen! The strongest point in his approach is that he takes time to really understand your goals, your lifestyle and what you enjoy, so he can tailor a plan for you. I told I him I wanted to lose 2kg of body fat - lo and behold 12 weeks later I’ve lost 2.1kg of fat! And it was enjoyable and, importantly, easy. He left me with confidence that I can maintain my result ongoing”

Ksenia, 30’s, UK (Goal: Fat Loss) 

“I started the programme after I realised I had got a bit out of shape and was in need of a kick start. I loved learning new exercises and the fact that weight came down quickly, both on the scales and around the waist. I was really surprised how quickly it went.”

Ian, 30’s, UK (Goal: Weight Loss / Tone Up / Boost Energy) 

"It was helpful to have a clear training goal. I was really pleased with the variety of exercises in my programme, some I don't normally do and will now incorporate into my regular training. It was so useful having you available for any questions and helping me track my weight and body fat percentage"

Andrew, 40’s, Australia (Goal: Fat Loss)

“I always felt you were really non-judgemental which I think some trainers can be. You're very good at making people feel relaxed but motivated which is a great combo, rather than scared into pushing themselves too hard or to the point where it's not enjoyable because there's too much pressure from the trainer. Knowing I had to give you updates really held me to account and helped build it into a habit.”

Rachel, 20’s, UK (Goal: Fat Loss)

“It was a great 12 weeks and I was surprised at how quick I started noticing changes. I lost weight, inches around the waist and got stronger as well. Also you were VERY responsive with any questions around nutrition or the workouts which was very useful and incredibly helpful.”

David, 30’s, UK (Goal: Weight Loss)

“With your help I managed to stick to a consistent plan despite some busy periods at work. I now have a healthier diet I can stick to and feel stronger, especially when I carry my daughter. You made it easy for me by providing a proper workout program adapted to my goals and condition, and by giving me feedback to do each workout properly. I know so much more know about exercise technique, sequencing, tempo and reps than I ever imagined! You know how to explain complicated things in a very clear way.”

Anto, 30’s, France (Goal: Build Strength & Muscle)

“I needed someone to point me in the right direction and I have known you for a long time and knew your commitment. The email planners on nutrition are very good along with the weekly chat for encouragement and explanation. Taking it  slow and steady has been the key and I am now well on the way."

Eric, 60's, UK (Goal: Weight Loss)

“I lost a lot of weight!! :) thank you so much. I am really grateful I did this, I feel much happier in my body now, as well as stronger and sexier. Thank you for everything. I love how you made the nutrition easy and manageable and the clear answers I got every time I had a random question :) The tracker is super helpful as well because it's very motivating”

Anne, 30's, France (Goal: Fat Loss / Toning)

“This was something I had been toying with for a long time and then when lockdown happened it spurred me on to have a focus and get fit. Diet was the biggest struggle for me. I thought at the beginning it wasn’t as important to concentrate on my diet. Stephen advised with practices that were easily manageable and relevant to me - like alcohol content - not cutting it out but helping me to reduce and moderate. Through eating better and reducing my alcohol intake I started noticing a considerable difference which has made me realise how important it is to have the balance between diet and exercise. I was really happy to see the final results which made it all worthwhile. I felt I had continued support throughout and Stephen was really approachable any time I had questions. Very good value for money”

Steph, 30s, UK (Goal: Get Fitter / Tone Up)

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